Invest In Your Skin
You have your skin for a lifetime, let’s treat it well.
Fight the battle of aging.
Don’t give up. Hormone
Replacement Therapy can help.
Revitalize, Rejuvenate,
Lose weight, improve energy and keep your body and mind healthy with our treatments for women.
Unlock your beauty.
Feel better by looking your best. Our treatments reveal your true beauty.
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The Wellworx Clinic is dedicated to providing Frisco and surrounding Dallas areas with excellent dermatology, men’s wellness, women’s wellness, and aesthetic services. Our clinic offers numerous dermatologic treatments and health and body rejuvenating services. At Wellworx we understand the urgency of helping people get back to living their best lives. Our health professionals use advanced technology and cutting edge techniques to treat skin conditions and problems stemming from the natural aging process.




You have your skin for a lifetime and taking care of it is essential. Our incredible staff here at Wellworx is ready to be your skin care experts. To keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy we use the latest in technology, procedures, and prescription products.


Men's Wellness

Aging is a battle we fight every day. With the right tools we can overcome its adverse effects. At Wellworx we help you combat aging with treatments like hormone replacement therapy to keep your body feeling young and strong, and your mind sharp.


Women’s Wellness

The natural process of aging affects our health, mood and livelihood. At Wellworx we offer treatments to get you back to normal and feeling better than you ever had before. Lose weight, improve energy and keep your body and mind healthy with our treatments for women.



Believe it or not you have untapped potential waiting to be seen. Our specialists have received extensive training in medical, surgical, cutaneous oncology, and cosmetic dermatology along with years of professional experience. They are ready to help you start looking and feeling your best.


What our wonderful patients say.

I absolutely love visiting Wellworx to get my skin tightening injections and skin treatments. They have the friendliest staff and their doctors are super knowledgeable and helpful.

I live in Plano but I have no problems making the drive to Frisco to go to Wellworx. They provide the best HRT services around and since going I am finally feeling better and like myself again.

Let's face it, we all have those issues with our bodies we would like to get rid of. Wellworx is my first choice when it comes to any aesthetic things I need done because they are simply the best.